To LGBTIQ*- groups
And other partners
In our twin city Pulawy
Declaration of solidarity Stendal, 16th April 2020
Dear partners in Pulawy,
We are very concerned and despise the built of “LGBTIQ* – free Zones” in Poland and our twin city
Pulawy. We hereby want to assure our solidarity to you and all those who are affected.
You should know, that there are people here, in the district of Stendal, that stand together and
actively participate against any form of discrimination. As the network “Respekt. Für Teilhabe und
gegen Diskriminierung“ and the alliance „Herz statt Hetze“ we stand up for a tolerant and open
minded society.
We are going to point out this problem and demand opposition on site, here in Stendal. We will try
to work towards the withdrawal of this inhuman resolution. If desired, we would be gladly getting in
contact with you to discuss any further steps that can be taken from here.
With best regards,
Maike Simla, Network-coordinator RESPEKT. Für Teilhabe und gegen Diskriminierung
Dr. Kerstin Schumann, Managing Director KgKJH Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.
Prof. Dr. Katrin Reimer-Gordinskaya
Jürgen Lenski, Altmärkische Bürgerstiftung
Ines Ranke, Bildungs- und Begegnungsstätte AMICUS
Sylvia Gohsrich, convinced Catholic, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Jacob Beuchel, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Bastian Müller, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Elisabeth Seyer, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Gregor Laukert, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
David Scheel, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Philip Puccini, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Christian Nikolov, Alliance“Herz statt Hetze”
Juliane Kleemann, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Freda Grünhage, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Nele Christensen Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Käthe Leischke, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Robin Ebbrecht, Alliance“Herz statt Hetze”
Lea Pistorius, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Karsten Schwartze, Alliance “Herz statt Hetze”
Anke Mösenthin
Mario Blasche, District-Chair DIE LINKE
Mechthild Bleuel, Inlingua language school Stendal
Janette Obara, Pastor in Arneburg
Jens Födisch, Pastor in Königsmark
Carsten Dobberkau, Veterinarian, Goldbeck
Gordon Sethge, Pastor in Osterburg
Lucie Weiß, Network RESPEKT. Für Teilhabe und gegen Diskriminierung

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